I magically appear where and when I am needed
to produce the best results in projects involving UX, UI, Design and Japanese language.
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Are You Ready?

I am on a mission to right the wrongs―
whether they are apps, websites, products, services, or environments.
Throw me any of these things and I will make it right.



Context is Everything

Without context, nothing can occur. Context is the sublime, unspoken backstory that determines the physical outcome and results. Identify and transform context to change outcome.


Actively Listen, then Shut Up.

Answers exist in the depth of silence, which speaks volumes and will often shed light to blind spots. It is my nature to deeply observe human nature and derive actionable insights.


Sketch, Ideate, Prototype, Break, and Break…Fast.

There was a Japanese pottery maker who would break 99% of what he made. Pottery or apps, it’s the same. Are you willing to break the 99% to get to the 1% masterpiece, rapidly and cost-effectively?


Test, Launch, and Iterate Again

It’s time to launch that 1% masterpiece. Does it delight the users? Is it seamlessly usable? Suddenly, power users and ‘edge’ users will appear out of nowhere. At the same time, you can’t design everything for everyone. Go back and iterate again.


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